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Our Philosopy The Client Knowledge Process

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Clients choose First Street because of our commitment and dedication to providing reliable and effective wealth, estate, healthcare, and succession planning services for individuals and businesses.

What this means is we provide clients with services and resources to simplify the overwhelming issues of being financially prepared now and in the future.

Our focus on listening, educating and preparing you to protect, preserve, and grow your wealth regardless of what stage of life you are in provides the clarity, satisfaction and confidence that you are well prepared to create and maintain prosperous lives for yourselves and the people who matter most to you.


Our Philosophy

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First Street’s success is grounded in the philosophy of always putting client’s intentions, goals, and wealth first.

What that means is we focus on what’s important to you including your:

  • Intentions, Goals, and Desires – the who, what and why of considering how your financial wealth should be managed.
  • Risk Orientation, Age, and Health – One’s tolerance for risk must be balanced against their age, health intentions and available resources.
  • Available financial resources – Your, Income, savings, investments, rental property, etc.

Paying attention to these key areas is just the beginning. We take a holistic approach to the strategies we create with a focus on:

1. Insuring lifetime income
2. Providing the best possibility for growth of your wealth
3. Protecting your income and wealth from life’s unwanted and often unexpected events.

The ultimate benefit is your confidence and “Peace of Mind” that there are thoughtful, well-designed strategies and planning in place that truly serves you and those you care about.



The Client Knowledge Process

Creating the foundation for a solid financial strategy starts with an understanding of the goals, desires, and intentions for yourself and those you care about.

Financial obligations, cash flow, and resources have a direct impact on fulfilling goals and desires. Our 3 step Client Knowledge Process is focused on continually making it easy for you to take those actions that will bring you the greatest satisfaction.

The Process Flow Chart